The Group

Central Coast 3D (CC3D) is a group dedicated to exploring the latest and greatest in hardware and software for designing, printing, scanning and visualizing in the third dimension.

The Members

Michael Balzer
Founder of slo 3D Creators & Director of CC3D

Totally immersed in technology and all things 3D. When he isn't involved with 3D tech, he spends time with his furry assistants Ridley and Rory and wife Shavaun.

Chris Kopack
Owner of Parts Oven

Chris is the owner of Parts Oven, a small 3d printing / prototyping service bureau based out of Paso Robles, CA. He focuses primarily on professional FDM using Stratasys 3d printers. He also offers 3d CAD / drafting using Solid Works to bring napkin sketch ideas to reality.

Cody Mellow
Student and Programmer



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